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Info post

Jul. 1st, 2013 05:23 pm
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Name: Current: Hugo Fairbanks Original: Hugo Fact
Age: 22 (17 in canon)
Appearance: here In game his clothing will be more modern looking, while at work he does tend to wear a bit more leather to fit in with his customers, outside work he sticks to casual clothing
Occupation: Store owner of a store that caters to strippers and people into S&M

Full Application: Linked here.

Echoes Received:
1st Echo- Physical: The ability to levitate small objects

Notes: A few other potential CR opportunities are that he did grow up in Locke City and went to college for a short time. He's now doing the online school thing though. Obviously customers are a good opening. Anyone who works at the hospital may be familiar with him from when his mother was sick as well.
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[It was a nice day out, though starting to get a bit chilly. On this day Hugo decided to go out to the plaza to try and draw some places and interesting people in Luceti before it got too cold to do so. As is his norm, he's drawing with magic, so the pencil he's using moves on it's own on the sketchbook sitting at his side.

He does have a meeting with a particular little girl and after that grows even more obsessed with drawing.

As the day wanes on, he grows more and more exhausted, though he sure doesn't stop. Not unless someone does via force or he collapses from exhaustion.]

[ooc: Sorry for the backdating, but have no plans for anyone to knock him out for the plot so open for anyone, or just ignore him until he goes comatose, fine by me as well and have ways to work with that to have him back in a timely manner.]
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Cut for some spoilerish introspection )

[And now that Hugo has settled in mostly and has had time to get his things and mull over the information he found in the guide and the journal, he has a few questions he'd like to ask.

So he writes a message in nice neat cursive.]

I am a new arrival here, a "New Feather" as ones like myself seem to be called. My name is Hugo Fact. I appreciate the information given in the guide, but I have a question. What is known about the origin of the magic and spirits here? I do not mind hearing theories if that is all that there is.

And then if there are any here who call themselves Darklings, please do go ahead and get your threats, mockery and strange comments out of the way now. I would much rather get it over with than have to wait for the pleasure of your company.

-Hugo Fact

[Also feel free to catch him as he explores the village, namely the shops and library.]


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